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red laser light

Varicose veins form when the one-way valve system within the vein, which helps to move blood from the lower extremities to the heart, is damaged.

Blood will begin to pool inside the veins and cause unsightly blue and red tinged bulges, as well as discomfort, pain and swelling. They happen most commonly on the legs but individuals can suffer from these swollen veins in the face, testicles, vagina and anus.

Although they are not usually a threat to your long-term health, they »

psychometric test

Psychometric testing is a tool used in several different ways in both the employment industry and the medical industry.

It is primarily used as a recruitment process, and recognized as a way of gaining insight into an individual’s personality and psychological thinking. In other words it helps a potential employer learn the ways in which an individual’s mind works, the type of personality an individual may exhibit and whether or not those particular traits will work well with individuals who are already employed at the company.

It can also be used with individuals who »


Ankle fusion has for many years been the standard treatment for severe ankle arthritis pain. Now, implant design improvements are having growing numbers of orthopedic surgeons and their patients considering ankle replacement.

Arthritis may sometimes cause awful pain which makes activities of daily living difficult, if not impossible. Although most are familiar with knee and hip »

gastrointestinal insulin cells

Scientists at Columbia University Medical Center have demonstrated the conversion of human gastrointestinal cells into insulin-producing cells. Through the switching off of a single gene, in principle a drug could retrain cells inside a person’s GI tract to produce insulin.

This discovery opens the door to the possibility that cells lost in type 1 diabetes may be more easily replaced through the re-education of existing cells than through the transplantation of new cells created from embryonic or »

diabetes acessories

Afrezza insulin inhalation powder has now been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Afrezza (pronounced uh-FREZZ-uh) is a fast acting inhaled insulin adults with diabetes mellitus, that is taken at the beginning of meals, or within 20 minutes after beginning meals.

“Afrezza is a new treatment option for »