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The Psychological Trait that Makes some Girls Age Faster

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High risk for depression gives young girls a higher stress response and shorter telomeres, a marker for aging, than low risk peers. Whether stress, depression or changes in the body come first has long been unclear to scientists. So psychologists at Stanford, Northwestern University and the University of California, San Francisco studied healthy girls at [...]

How to Improve your Brain Performance by Daydreaming


You're sitting at your desk, gazing out the window, your mind wandering. Instead of getting on with what the work you are supposed to be doing, you start mentally planning your next holiday or find yourself lost in a thought or a memory. It's only later that you realize what has happened: Your brain has [...]

Why Creative Thinking and Schizotypal Personalities go Together

Schizotypal personality

Having a quirky oddball personality may be the secret to becoming a great artist, composer or inventor. “The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.” ― Pablo Picasso A 2005 research study on individuals with schizotypal personalities offers neurological evidence that these individuals are more creative than normal or fully schizophrenic people, and rely more [...]

The Cardiovascular Health Secrets of Mindfulness Practitioners


People who practice mindfulness tend to have better cardiovascular health, new research from Brown University suggests. Not only did researchers see a link between self-reported “dispositional mindfulness” and better scores on four of seven cardiovascular health indicators, but a better composite overall health score was seen for the mindful. Dispositional mindfulness was defined as someone’s [...]

The Top 10 Medical Conditions Exercise helps Treat

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You already know that you need exercise and proper nutrition for good health. You also know to make sure to stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest. But because every individual is unique, the health tips and tricks that work for one may not work for another. One trick has been shown to apply in [...]