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Are Sugary Sodas Wrecking your Teenagers’ Memory?

teen drinking mountain dew soda

If your teenager drinks lots of sugar sweetened drinks, they very well could be putting themselves at higher risk of memory problems. University of Southern California researchers found that adolescent rats which consumed large quantities of sugary liquids had memory problems and brain inflammation. They also became pre-diabetic. The rats were given liquid solutions with [...]

Drowning in Distraction: the Science of Pleasure and Procrastination


Youve tried the Pomodoro technique and Triskelion. You’ve arranged your to-do lists according to the Pareto Principle. And you have all the latest productivity apps on your smartphone, like Wunderlist, and HabitRPG. But you still find yourself stopping off at the mall, perusing the latest Lego construction kits when you should be driving to [...]

Is Social Media making you Lonelier?

social media loneliness

With Facebook use at 54 percent of users' time online globally and 62 percent of their time in the United States, you have to wonder what this is doing to our society. Is it making it better or worse? "Does spending so many hours with a machine keep people from making real connections with other [...]

How a Single Weightlifting Session can Boost your Memory

weightlifting for memory

Do you ever have trouble remembering to go to the gym? It turns out that not only can exercise affect memory, but memory can also affect exercise. Just 20 minutes of exercise can improve long-term memory for preceding events, researchers at Georgia Tech report. How much of a memory enhancement? About 10 percent in healthy [...]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Conquers Social Anxiety better than Antidepressants

talk therapy

A certain type of talking therapy beats antidepressants for treating social anxiety disorder. Not only that, but unlike the medications, it can stay effective long after treatment has stopped, according to a new study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University. In an analysis of 101 clinical trials comparing multiple types of medication and talk therapy, [...]